Honey grasses and green manure, wholesale prices

phacelia photo
This is a common plant that belongs to the family   Aquiformes. The annual and single-cut phacelia is considered an excellent green fertilizer and an ideal melliferous and forage crop. It is often grown by gardeners, as it grows quickly, forming an...
photography yellow sweet clover
Melilot yellow
Melilotus officinalis (Melilotus officinalis) is a biennial and sometimes annual legume. It reaches a height of 1 m in nature. The cultivated species has a height of up to 3 m. Its roots penetrate quite deeply into the ground. But the bulk of the roots is...
photo of alfalfa
Crescent alfalfa   (Yellow alfalfa) good honey plant. The greatest amount of sugar in the nectar of crescent alfalfa is released at 1 pm and 4 pm at an air temperature of 26 - 30 ° C and a relative humidity of 51 - 59%. The composition of the nectar...
photography mordovnik
Ball-headed Mordovia   — perennial plant of the Aster family with   erect stem from   50   to   200   cm, thorny feathery leaves and   light blue or blue single-flowered baskets, collected in   inflorescence, which resembles a ball   shape In   one...
photography clover
Perennial herbaceous, fairly common plant of the legume family (Fabaceae) with creeping, rooting shoots 10-25 cm high. Leaves are compound, trifoliate, with obovate leaves. Small flowers of the moth type are collected in spherical white fragrant heads on...
photography echium vulgare
Echium vulgare
Echium vulgare, a honey-bearing biennial herb from the borage family (Boraginaceae), a herb 30-90 cm high. The stem is erect, up to 90 cm high. The whole plant is covered with hairs. Leaves are lanceolate, 5-10 cm long. Leaves are sessile,...
photo sainfoin
Sainfoin for beekeeping is interesting in sowing seeds, sown in different meadow communities, sown to consolidate sands and slopes, sowing sainfoin in near-patch plots, as well as planting for cattle fodder, which are mown at the end of...
photography white sweet clover
White melilot
It is an annual or biennial plant with straight stems. In Latin it is called Melilotus albus Desr. The underside of the stems may have a reddish tint. The plant has trifoliate leaves. The middle leaf has a petiole. The inflorescence is represented by a...
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