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photography mordovnik

Ball-headed Mordovia   — perennial plant of the Aster family with   erect stem from   50   to   200   cm, thorny feathery leaves and   light blue or blue single-flowered baskets, collected in   inflorescence, which resembles a ball   shape In   one inflorescence can be up to   400   flowers.

Mordovnik is known for the abundant secretion of nectar saturated with sugars: their   content is about 60-70% of the   total.

From the collected nectar, bees get light honey with a   pronounced pleasant taste and   spicy-floral aroma. Medical productivity, according to   various data, varies from   600 to   1200   kg per   hectare.

It is remarkable that the honey plant secretes nectar during the whole daylight hours, with temperature changes or lack of moisture, nectar secretion may decrease, but   does not   stop (unlike   buckwheat, phacelia and   some other plants). Performance does not drop with   age.

Differs in extreme unpretentiousness and   resistance to   droughts. Largely due to the fact that the plant takes root to   a depth of up to   1.5   m and   independently receives moisture and microelements from the soil.

It blooms even with little moisture in the   soil, but   if you   provide moderate watering,   will grow and   bloom even better, which will ensure higher honey yields.

Mordovnik is photophilous, not   afraid of frost, weeds, does not   require additional care, therefore, when beekeepers come to   thoughts to plant honey plants, they often decide   to buy a mordovan .

The perennial begins to bloom from the   second year, in one place it can grow up to   15-20   years.

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