фото фацелии
Unique honey plant, green manure, soil enrichment
Донник семена медонос
Melilot yellow
It actively heals the soil, extracts and accumulates nitrogen from the air, perfectly drains the soil, increases its air – and moisture capacity, after decomposition fills the soil with organic matter, reduces the degree of damage by the wireworm, scares off mice.
люцерна фото семена
Alfalfa perfectly fights weeds, due to the growth of roots, protects the soil from water and wind erosion.
мордовник фото
Excellent   green manure   and honey plant

Seeds of honey plants (honey plants) wholesale

We can buy green manure grass seeds with delivery in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Yekaterinburg, Ufa, Kazan and other cities of Russia, which are necessary to improve the quality of the soil. Fields, vegetable gardens, household plots will provide a good harvest, if they are given fertilizers, monitor the condition of the soil. A large, high-quality crop will be a worthy reward for your efforts. Siderata – This is a group of plants that help in the care of the soil, fertilizing it before planting crops there for a fresh harvest.


Siderata – These are plants that help enrich the soil with nutrients and nutrients, improve its composition and structure. It is a green fertilizer grown to add many trace elements to the soil. Siderata grow rapidly, increasing their green mass every day. Due to this, neighboring weed plants are blocked, or their growth stops altogether.

Perennial plants are not often used as siderates, usually seeds of annual species are sown. Sowing is allowed throughout the season, be sure to do this before the main crops are planted. As soon as the time comes for planting crops in the garden, it is required to remove siderates. This is done in one of the following ways:  

  • You can dig up a site, which is quite fast, but ineffective;
  • You can cut plants by going deep into the soil a few centimeters – this is more efficient, but requires special tools.

The cut off part of the plants, remaining on the surface of the soil, gradually decays, I act as a fertilizer.

Siderat seeds: where to buy?

This is a topical issue, since they must be of high quality, placed in special packaging. We have green manure seeds packaged according to the rules. Ordering through our store will save time, since you do not need to leave your home or office to buy. An employee of the company will tell you about all the features of seeds, help you choose green manure, recommend honey plants, tell you when it is best to start sowing.

Most popular plants:

  • sweet clover yellow;
  • mordovnik;    
  • phacelia;    
  • sainfoin;    
  • alfalfa.

One universal green manure cannot be distinguished. Plants have their own properties and characteristics, so you need to focus on individual parameters. First, a base crop is selected, and green manure is selected for it to fertilize the soil.

Phacelia seeds (honey grass for bees)

Phacelia seeds are most in demand as green manure. It releases phosphorus and nitrogen in large volumes, and is easy to maintain. With its help, the soil is protected from freezing, moisture remains in it until spring. She also serves as a honey plant. Mustard gatherings do not die at temperatures down to -5 degrees, the green mass continues to grow. The first shoots are usually 3-5 days after sowing. You need to harvest the plant 5-7 weeks after planting: the stems at this moment are still soft. Therefore, they are easily handled. &Nbsp;

The use of green manure will allow you to see how the soil condition improves. As a result, a good yield of the main crops is achieved. It is also used as a source of nectar for bees.

We have seeds of various plants with delivery: green manure, green grass and others. Order now to buy everything you need for your garden.

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