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photography clover

Perennial herbaceous, fairly common plant of the legume family (Fabaceae) with creeping, rooting shoots 10-25 cm high. Leaves are compound, trifoliate, with obovate leaves. Small flowers of the moth type are collected in spherical white fragrant heads on long peduncles. It is found everywhere in Russia. It grows on pastures, pastures, abandoned arable lands and meadows.

Blooms from late May - early June throughout the summer. Flowers emit a lot of nectar available to bees, in contrast to red clover, and are actively visited by them. Nectar production by plants depends on soil moisture and air temperature. Temperatures over 20-25 ° C, with high relative humidity, promote better nectar secretion. Honey productivity averages 50-120 kg per hectare. The honey is light, transparent, fragrant, with good taste. Belongs to the best varieties of light honey. When crystallized, it turns white.

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